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The Ultimate Guide: Pyramids

“The pyramids are some of the world’s greatest monuments . They combine colossal mass with precision engineering. For over 4000 years, they were unsurpassed. Yet they were built by peasant societies with only simple tools. And the Egyptians weren’t alone. Pyramids were the crowning achievements of other civilizations from around the world. The search for treasure has always brought thieves and bounty hunters to the pyramids. But for today’s explorers, the challenge is to reveal the amazing stories of the people who built them.”

Several thousand years have passed since their construction, and still, the enigma of the pyramids is not fully understood. The structures have survived all these years of natural weathering and damage inflicted by modern mankind. Through the magic of computer simulation, the viewer can experience the pyramids as they must have appeared to the ancient Egyptians who built them. Ultimate Guide: Pyramids also provides information on how the pyramids might have been constructed.

Documentary that goes inside the framework of pyramids to show how these structures have changed over time, starting as flat-roofed houses and evolving into temples and grave sites. The program reconstructs how these fabled pyramids and their cities must have looked at the peak of their civilizations.

Watch the full documentary (49 minutes)

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