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Sick Humor

Sick Humor is a half-hour documentary of jokes derived from tragic and current events (ex. 9/11, the Challenger disaster.) Deemed horrible, tasteless, but somehow funny, these grotesquely comic takes on breaking news or perennial social issues spread like wildfire, yet people are loath to admit that they find them funny even as they pass them on.

Sick Humor is a downbeat program, a low-fi look at the brutal, topical one-liners that are said to germinate on Wall Street. Unidentified people have been recruited to tell these jokes on Sick Humor, and they speak largely in deadpan. Running simultaneously is archival footage of emaciated African children, planes hitting towers, Jeffrey Dahmer in leg irons, Jews behind barbed wire. 

Sick Humor tells the jokes and examines where they come from and why they exist.

Watch the full documentary (24 minutes)

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