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Don’t Swallow Your Toothpaste

We all want the best for our children, including sparking white teeth. Children today have fewer fillings than ever before, but what is the truth behind this great success story? Better care of our teeth or the magic ingredient in our toothpaste fluoride?

Some parts of Britain like Birmingham already add fluoride to the water and there are now plans to extend this to other cities: Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, and London. But fluoride is a poison. It may work in small quantities, but people are worried that there is just too much of it around.

Dental health has been transformed, especially among poorer people. Before fluoride, toothpaste decay was rampant. Yet, dental health has also improved dramatically in countries which do not add fluoride to their water. Britain’s fluoride is imported from Holland, where ironically, fluoridation has been banned.

Watch the full documentary (24 minutes)

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  • Howardwarcriminal

    Fluoride is Poison PERIOD, Calcifies your pineal gland among other, atrocities, the Jews used it in concentration camps. Don’t take my word look into it. Don’t drink fluoridated water PERIOD!