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This science series co-produced by PBS and the BBC in England explained topics in cosmology, astronomy and astrophysics to the average viewer; its host was a prize-winning physicistand author Carl Sagan — who had an erudite and sometimes effusive style of explaining the wonders of science; one ofhis catch-phrases  “billions and billions of stars”  became the most famous, and was lampooned by Johnny Carson  on other comedy series of the day.

Sagan lucidly explains such topics as Einstein’s theory of relativity, Darwin’s theory of evolution, and the greenhouse effect, bringing the mysteries of the universe down to a layman’s level of understanding. The footage in these remastered, seven-DVD or seven-VHS sets is as fresh and riveting as it was two decades ago and is certain to fire the imaginations of a whole new generation of viewers. This is THE GREATEST television series ever.

Watch the full documentary

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